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Our facility is a fully equipped outpatient (OPD) clinic with the latest technology for earnose and throat examination with endoscopes and operating microscope. We have a dedicated procedure room for medical and surgical procedures. We offer services for all the sub-specialities in ENT.

Why visit ENT360?

Otoscopy at ENT360 by best ear ENT doctor

Ear Clinic

All age groups experience different diseases of the ear. A wide variety of symptoms can occur in these.

Pinching nose for epistaxis

Nose and Allergy Clinic

Allergies are quite common, frequently affecting both children and adults.

Laryngoscopy best ent throat doctor

Voice Clinic

Voice clinic is a speciality where the focus is on the nuances of change in voice due to age, sex and pathology.

OPD chamber 1

Services offered at ENT360

Endoscopy of the ear, nose and throat, Hearing tests, Sleep study, Treatment of Children’s ENT problems